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Magnetics & Transformer Manufacturing

Electro Technik Industries is the trusted name for high quality magnetics and transformer manufacturing for various industries, including commercial, military, space, and telecommunications.

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Magnetics & Transformer Companies

by Electro Technik Industries, Inc.

Hytronics Corp

For over 40 years Hytronics Corp. has designed and manufactured custom magnetics and transformers for OEM customers in the commercial, industrial, and telecommunications fields.

Raycom Electronics, Inc.

Raycom is a leading edge manufacturer of custom transformers & inductors used in avionics, defense, and space applications.

Winatic Corp

The Winatic Corp. has been in the magnetics business for almost 50 years and for about the last 30 of those years, it has been part of the Electro Technik Industries family.

I-Tech, Inc.

Inductive Technologies, Inc. (I-Tech) offers an extensive line of standard and application specific RF transformers, RF inductors, common mode chokes, and coils.


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